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On Angel Wings Healing

Helping all I work with grow and heal!

Contact Me

Connie Lynn West

Reiki Master/Teacher

Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner

Certified Radical Forgiveness Coach

832-877-9598 ( North Houston Texas area) Please leave me a message as I don't answer a number that I do not recognize or have a message from to call back. Or email me with NEED A SESSION in the subject of email!

Matrix Energetics and Sound Healing is as powerful over the phone and Zoom sessions or in person---call me!

Some folks may wonder why I call my sessions Soul Transformational and what that means. Well, I have avidly delved into and done much Soul searching of my own for the last 25yrs and found that my Soul's purpose is to help others find the expansion, healing and purpose of theirs as well. That doesn't mean I have stopped working on mine because as I have learned we are human and a bit flawed in a Soulful perfection to teach us and help us be the best we can be in human form. It is a constant unfolding and growing. With all the work I have learned it helps each of my precious clients to move through their layers of human situations with a new perception of that layering! I work within the field and energy of the Heart that holds the keys for all of us and within each of us. There are infinite possibilities to move to and I help you and your Soul move to one or more of those possibilities to transform your life.....Create a time for you and your Soul to transform and grow and call me.....I would be honored to create a time for your transformation.

I do not treat, heal or diagnose anything. Energy work is not a substitute for medical care. Always consult a physician in regards to changing medication, or any health care program. All information shared is for the purpose of conversation only.